INNOWIT Co., Ltd. ( new website is running online
Column:Corporate News Time:2018-11-02
INNOWIT Co., Ltd. ( The new website was officially launched on November 2, 2018.

In order to strengthen the company's internal and external propaganda, further optimize the website function, and clearly convey and express the corporate image and product information. Under the support of the company's leaders and the close cooperation of various departments, after many design modifications, INNOWIT Co., Ltd. ( The new website was officially launched on November 2, 2018.
With the company's growing development and the expansion of domestic and international business, the original website can not meet the daily needs in terms of design, information and speed. In order to better adapt to the new needs of the times and market environment, the company has revised the website. upgrade. The new version of the website continues the overall content of the original website. It is mainly expanded and optimized in terms of architecture design, layout information, visual effects, and usage functions. It still locates Chinese and English bilingual websites, and conforms to the current trend of website design and adopts personalizedization. The customized interface and the display form of the whole network are integrated, and the overall design adopts a simple style, highlighting the product information display, and enhancing the marketing function on the basis of the internal and external corporate culture propaganda.

The company's official website is a window to enhance the company's transparency and professional image and strengthen information publicity. It is also a platform to promote the company's specialization, marketization and internationalization. The construction of the website must ensure its maximum function and effectiveness, and all departments must actively visit the website content. In time, we will give opinions and suggestions. Through the joint efforts of all of you, we will further improve the company's website construction, further enhance the popularity and professionalism of INNOWIT at home and abroad, and establish a better corporate image.