June, let us meet in Munich, Germany!
Column:Exhibition news Time:2019-03-27

The LASER-World of Photonics is the only professional optoelectronics fair in the world that covers all the fields of optoelectronics and displays the most advanced technology sponsored by the famous Munich International Fair Group (MMG). The exhibition was founded in 1973 and is held every two years in Munich, Germany. The show is the world's leading exhibition for the laser and optoelectronic industry. The World Optics Conference, held concurrently, is also an important international academic event that covers the latest technologies and applications. It focuses on innovative products, solutions and industrial applications, targeting the European market and exhibiting in accordance with international standards, reflecting the international trend of industry development. The Munich Optical Fair in Germany is not only an important platform for opening up the European market, but also the most important and effective way to expand the world market. In 2019, the “LASER-World of Photonics 2019” will be held at the Munich International Expo Center. Innowit Co., Ltd. will Participate in the event, welcome to visit our booth.

Time: June 24-27, 2019

Address: Munich International Expo Center, Germany

Booth: No. 463-5, Hall B2