Chasing dreams in the wind and rain

Column:Corporate News Time:2020-06-03
The website of is officially launched.

 In order to meet the needs of the domestic market environment, strengthen corporate culture construction and product publicity efforts, at the same time, in order to fit the company's website Baidu promotion plan and meet domestic online promotion needs, the company allows customers to understand the development trend of Huate more concisely and better. The principle of local service to customers, after re-typesetting, design, production, the company's new website officially launched.

The new version of the website integrates the content of the original website, repositions the corporate slogan for the company's actual situation, reorganizes the main functional modules and content, and reorganizes the existing The product pictures and text introductions are fully refined and combed, from positioning planning, website architecture and design, to the overall operation of the website, which fully fits the promotion and marketing functions of the website.

At present, the company's website bears the mission of product promotion and marketing and customer service while shouldering the responsibility of the company's external image publicity. The company now uses and https://www. The domain name and dual website parallel online promotion method, according to the different browsing habits of domestic and foreign customers, targeted to open the website's service function for the domestic market and foreign markets, while laying a solid foundation for the company's comprehensive promotion The basics. In today's grim economic situation, we can only gain a foothold in the turbulent economic wave when we work hard to open up our territory. Thirty years of forging ahead, 30 years in the same boat. Today, INNOWIT has sounded the horn of the new era of crystal material manufacturing and embarked on a new journey of the next thirty years! Standing at a new starting point, we set off again: Li Bingmao is only waiting for the day and night, and will be able to ride the wind and waves!