May the light of dreams illuminate reality

Column:Corporate News Time:2020-12-31
New starting point, new journey!

The pointer of time has quietly pointed to the end again. Looking back at this extraordinary year, I believe everyone has emotion. In this year, we have realized the impermanence of time and fragility of life, experienced thrilling, ups and downs, witnessed united efforts, rise to difficulties, and learned to ride the wind and waves and climb bravely. We are also more convinced that even though life is not easy, hope will last forever. After going through the most difficult moment, ushered in a more calm, firm, brave and confident pace. In 2020, even if there are regrets, we must believe in the future and live up to the past. No matter how we begin, we must end well.

In 2020, our road to chasing light never stops. Some light will always travel through time to light up hopes and dreams. On the way of chasing light, we are confused and perplexed. We see that the laser industry chain affected by internal and external troubles is gradually being re-established as the epidemic is over. The process of domestic substitution of the laser industry is accelerating. They indicate that we continue to stand in detail. Deeply cultivate the direction of the domestic market by field; we are full of challenges. We see that the arrival of the 5G era has created more new development opportunities for the laser industry. It has given us new opportunities in the crisis and new opportunities in the changes. With a deep cultural background, we see that the wave of "intelligent manufacturing, high-end manufacturing, and green manufacturing" in the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry in the future is surging, and it has given us the unremitting efforts to inherit state-owned enterprises and persist in ingenuity and quality. power.

In 2020, there will be a touching story at the moment of tears, and there will be a fearless choice at a thrilling moment. Someone said, "It must be a particularly bright result to be worthy of such a surprise start." Regardless of whether the result is bright or not, those struggles, persistence, and reluctance to admit defeat in the journey are the little lights that illuminate the "darkest moment" on the road to dream, even if it is only a faint firefly, we believe that the power of "together" will eventually Make it converge into a dazzling galaxy, and they have become the street signs on our way of chasing light and dreams, which can withstand a lifetime of looking back.

In 2021, we will continue to ride on the wings of the upcoming golden development period of the laser industry with a firm footstep and a light posture, chasing light, dreaming, and moving forward fearlessly.

In 2021, may the ray of hope illuminate every firm footprint on our way to dream.

In the new year, let us chase our own light together on the road of struggle. The future can be expected without stopping.

INNOWIT CO., LTD. wishes you

Happy New Year!