Let us together, chasing the light of Munich, Germany

Column:Exhibition news Time:2019-07-04
INNOWITCO., LTD.participated in LASER World of Photonics 2019.


On June 24-27, 2019,LASER World of Photonics 2019 was successfully held at the Munich Exhibition Center in Germany. As the only professional optoelectronics expo covering all the optoelectronics industry and displaying the most advanced technology, this Munich exhibition attracted 45 people. More than 1,300 industry pioneers in various countries and regions showcase high-tech products and technologies, and create an international event that depicts the value chain of the optoelectronic industry. INNOWITCO.,  LTD.participated in the exhibition. 

Light is the fastest, most accurate, and most innovative tool that humans can use, whether in industrial production, biomedical research and practice, metrology, space exploration, or in hybrid reality, smart cars, and ultra-violet microprocessor nanostructures. Future technologies such as chemistry are widely used, and the world of lasers is more colorful. In this exhibition, China's laser companies are dazzling, and 223 Chinese exhibitors gather in Munich. With their innovative technologies and product applications, they showcased China's intellectual creation on the world stage, and discussed the power of the world with many industry leaders. The nine-story platform starts from the base soil; the wood of the hug is born in the end, and the "Chinese power" of the laser industry is strength and emboldened!


In this Munich Optical Fair, INNOWIT CO., LTD.exhibited more than 20 crystal products and related devices. The company has won high praise and unanimous recognition from domestic and foreign customers with its strong technical strength and excellent crystal products.This year's Munich Expo will not only provide a platform for the world's first launch and technological innovation, but also let the world see China's rapid development of optoelectronic power and innovative smart technology. INNOWIT CO., LTD. also demonstrated its core technological advantages in the crystal industry during this event. At the same time, it saw the rapid development trend of laser-labeled optoelectronic technology. We will seize the technological revolution and industrial transformation. Opportunities, advancement, and continuous enhancement of technological innovation and industry competitiveness, the company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "integration of knowing and doing, keeping the new and new", and constantly develop and produce new crystals with strong technical accumulation, helping the laser industry in China. Create and make unremitting efforts to become the world's leading crystal research and development, manufacturers!