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INNOWIT CO.,  LTD. is based on the State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials (SKLCM)  and the Institute of Crystal Materials (ICM) of Shandong University. It  has a number of invention patents for artificial crystals. The  company's products mainly include nonlinear optical crystals, laser  crystals, electro-optic crystals, photorefractive crystals, etc. In  addition to the quality improvement and scale expansion of traditional  superior products, it has also introduced large-size KTP, large-size  DKDP, high-resistance gray-track KTP, Low-absorption LBO,  heat-bonded crystals, and other independent research and development  products in the field of advanced lasers, wavelength coverage from  infrared, visible to ultraviolet.

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About Us

INNOWIT CO.,  LTD.was established at the end of 2007 by  Shanda Luneng Zhongjing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Shanda Huate  Technology Co., Ltd. Crystal Division.
       INNOWIT has been engaged in the research and development, growth and  processing of the largest artificial crystals in China for more than 20  years. It is one of the largest R&D, growth and processing  enterprises in China, in crystal growth, processing, Coating technology is in an international leading position. The  company will inherit more than 20 years of crystal production  experience and continue 。