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KTP Crystal

KTiOPO4 (KTP) is an excellent nonlinear optical material and has been extensively used in frequency doubling of IR lasers. The 1064nm SHG conversion efficiency was reported high up to 80%.

It has a lot of excellent properties such as high nonlinear optical coefficient (about 15 times KDP crystal), high Electro-Optic coefficient, low dielectric constant, high  thermal  conductivity (2 times that of BNN crystal ). In addition, KTP crystal is moisture free and mechanically stable. It has minimum mismatch gradient, super-polished optical surface and no decomposition below 900℃.
At 2000,INNOWIT have first developed the high-quality Super-KTP(S-KTP). Its damage threshold is more than normal KTP.
◇Frequency Doubling (SHG) of Nd-doped Lasers for Green/Red Light Generation.
◇Frequency Mixing (SFM) of Nd Laser and Diode Laser for Blue Light Generation .
◇Parametric Sources (OPG, OPA and OPO) for 0.6um-4.5um Tunable output.
◇E-O Modulators, Optical Switches, Directional Couplers.
◇Optical Waveguides for Integrated NLO and E-O Devices, etc.
◇PPKTP for device engineering etc.
 INNOWIT'S warranty:
◇Standard size of KTP crystals for DPSS application.
◇AR-Coating, Mounting and Re-polishing Service.
◇Mass Production to Support Industrial and Commercial Applications.
◇Strict Quality Control.
◇Free Technical Support.
◇1 - 3 Weeks Delivery.
◇Attractive Price and quantity discount.

 INNOWIT's specifications of KTP:

Dimension tolerance:



λ/8 @633nm

Surface quality: Scratch/Dig

10/5 (MIL-PRF-13830B)


better than 20 arc sec.


better than 5 arc min

Angle tolerance:

<± 0.2°

AR coating:

AR coating

Residual reflectivity:

R1064<0.2% ,R532<0.5%,,R1570<0.2%

Clear aperture:

>90% central area

Transmitting wavefront distortion:

less than λ/8 @ 633nm

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